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Who is ND?

Na’Schelle Denyse is a Lifestyle Elevation Coach and Esthetician that specializes in helping women to curate the life that they prayed for. As a licensed Esthetician for over 17 years I have spent countless hours listening to women talk about their daily lives and the changes they want to make.

As a certified Life Coach I add a mental and spiritual element to my wellness practice that allows my clients to share and talk about their life goals with an accountability partner who is willing to walk with them on the road to achieving these goals. The Life Coaching services that I provide include self care while focusing on the main goal of elevation. I foster a relaxing environment where each session takes place in a safe space where the coachee feels comfortable and at ease as we go through our coaching session. I have a mix of service options ranging from just the standard 60 minute life coaching or facial session, all the way to luxury sessions that incorporate life coaching and a facials complete with refreshments, and massage.

I strive to provide a concierge experience to help my clients find the tools and people they need to elevate themselves while engaging in that self care that is so necessary in all our lives.

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